Friday, December 27, 2013

New "Photosynth 3" Revolutionizes Photography!

Google has discontinued the user built 3D content creation pipeline, know as Google 3D Warehouse.  Where residents, artists, and individuals had built a massive and magnificent virtual world, on the Google Earth platform. Future computer vision algorithms make possible, an automatic mesh capture paradigm. The creativity of 3D model makers is no longer needed for high quality computer vision generated world simulation.
Enter Photosynth 3. Model creators whom may have also been photographers now have new building block shapes to play with.
Blaise Ag├╝era y Arcas has dropped a bombshell on the photogrammetry world just before flying the MS coop, to join forces with Google's Machine Learning division, while said Google Buys Boston Dynamic robotic ip (!!!).

Anyhow, I've discovered you can remember some fantastic Christmas scenes, and provide a major commercial benefit to the tourism and business community, in the creation of "Walks", "Spins", "Panoramas" and "Walls". These being the newly prescribed photography capture standards.

This being an update to "Amery On The Map", Here are the fair first use results!

Winter Night Walk in NEWLY Restored Amery, WI 2013 by RayRolfe on Photosynth

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Done Deal Divorce!

Amery Lawyers, offering stress free real estate and divorce services, have now got their offices represented in 3D, Virtual Amery, Google Earth! Amery is On The Map!
Preview model can be found here:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ida Mae's Cafe! Newest Amery Model

I did enjoy a Saturday morning breakfast at Ida Mae's. I had a veggie omelet with coffee, hashbrowns and toast. It was quite delicious, though I felt like I could eat a bit more. I had to order one more egg and toast, to provide the strength I needed to create this new model. :)
Ida Mae is the name of a goat, you can read about at their website.
Support your local businesses, and I'll keep putting Amery On The Map!
Viewers may notice, I took the photos for this model sometime last year, before Ida Mae's dawned their orange sun awning.

But, even the ally looks neat!
Find and load this new model into your google earth, here.
And go "Like" the facebook page, please?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ellie's Ice Cream Shop in Amery WI

New model on the map! It's Ellie's Ice Cream and Coffee shop. Now the ArtZ Gallery has a neighbor. Virtual Amery is looking more and more accurate, as time progresses.
Ellie's is next to Chets Drug Store (model coming soon)  in Amery, Wisconsin.
Chet and Ellie were Amery community dignitaries in the mid 1900's starting in the 30's. Their family runs the store to this day. The love story of Chet and Ellie is a true Amery original, you can read about it here.
Links to the new model are below. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Model: AMCI Computers

Good morning. Today I've created a model for AMCI Computers. This building is interesting, for it was once the site of a robbery in the days when it served as the Union State Bank. An account of the robbery follows bellow.

Now Club 53 doesn't looks so lonley on the block. :)
As always, you can download this new model as an early preview, or wait a few weeks and it will start appearing automatically in Google Earth. Also, please "Like" this effort on Facebook!

Date: September 13 1933
Amery Wi
 Four men held up the Union State bank this morning at about 7;40 and made their get away with ten thousand dollars cash and between $25,000and $35,000 in negotiable paper. The men broke into the bank through the back door before any of the bank force arrived and waited until Assistant Cashier Clifford Olson came.They forced him to open the vault at the point of revolvers and to lie down on the floor with a guard over him. Just as he was forced to the floor, Vice Presidnt V H Christensen arrived and he too was held up and made to lie face down on the floor.The robbers kicked and abused Mr Olson because they thought that he was stalling for time. Four men were in the bank when Mr Olson arrived and after focing him to the floor,one man went out into the car in the alley with instructions from the other three that they would have their work done by 8;20. Lyle Luke talked with the driver without mistrusting what was going on and both he and F E Miller saw the men when they came out of the bank. They used a Chevrolet sedan and drove north out of the ally but it has not been found out in which direction they went after leaving the ally. The men between 25 and 30 years of age and all work dark suits and masks and all were heavily armed.They carried the loot away in leather cases which they brought for the purpose. Police in all directions have been notified and the robbery has been broadcasst over twin city radio stations. The job was conducted rapidly and in a thoroughly business like manner. As we go to press,nothing has been heard about the bandits. Sheriff James A Olson was notified at Balsam Lake and was down here in charge of the case in fifteen minutes with DA McGinnis assisting in the investigation. This is the first time an Amery bank has been held up or robbed. The total loss is covered by insurance.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Next Model. Amery Village Pizzeria.

Amery Village Pizzeria is the current submission in cue. I went out and took photos yesterday. And it's a sunny day today, so maybe I'll go out again and collect more imagery to build more models this week.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Amery Subway Sandwich Shop

Eat Fresh! The Subway shop is coming soon, to Google Earth.
In other news, recent submissions, Parts City and Kohler Arts Building have been approved and are now live in GE.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Model: Parts City

This Amery auto parts supplier is now submitted to the Google 3D warehouse. Parts City!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kolar Therapeutic Arts, coming soon.

The Kolar Therapeutic Arts building model has been submitted for approval in Google Earth. You will (very likely  start seeing it live, within two weeks.
I'm putting Amery on the Map!